Samaras: SYRIZA is leading the country to bankruptcy and a credit crisis


Prime Minister Antonis Samaras blasted main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) for leading the country to bankruptcy, to a credit crunch and eventually out of Europe, during a speech in the city of Larisa, in central Greece, on Saturday night.

The Greek premier expressed his optimism for the upcoming general elections saying the opposition’s lead in the polls has narrowed.

"From Larisa we start a path of victory, Greece will win. SYRIZA’s wind of victory is waning, the climate is changing. The Greek people voted us two and a half years ago to pull Greece out of the crisis. Two and a half years ago few people believed it. In two and a half years Greece made the biggest 'tidying up', it has no deficits, it was ready to exit the crisis, but they didn’t let us. A minority of lawmakers dragged the country to elections that people didn’t want," Samaras said.

He noted that SYRIZA is afraid the country is finishing with the bailouts and that every year will be better than the previous one. "It was wrong to lead us to elections at a time when the county is recovering. This is why people will punish them for ignoring them," he added.

Διαφημιστική καταχώρηση
Διαφημιστική καταχώρηση

Samaras also said the markets’ reaction to the general elections shows how dangerous what SYRIZA did is, as it is leading the country to bankruptcy. "The international press and international bodies tell them every day. Everyone is shouting that what they’re saying cannot happen and will lead the country to huge problems."

Speaking to the people of Larisa, the premier explained that what he’s saying is not fear mongering, as SYRIZA claims. "The institutional decisions taken in their conferences include not paying interest rate and not meeting debt payments, but these decisions lead to bankruptcy. Even worse, they’re also saying they will resort to forced lending. We’re telling the truth," Samaras said.

The prime minister noted that EU funds earmarked for the next seven years totaling 43.5 billion euros and directed at farmers and the periphery will be jeopardized by SYRIZA.

"The first one to lose will be the farmers and the agricultural periphery. We’ll also risk losing 15 billion euros after March. We’ll lose it because we’ve been warned that whoever doesn’t abide by the conditions set by the EU will not get any money. They will lead the country to a credit crunch. This is the truth and I have an obligation to say it," he added.

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