Recaptured terrorist Christodoulos Xiros was planning a big attack


Heavy weaponry was found in the house which had been rented by the recaptured convicted terrorist Christodoulos Xiros with forged documents in Anavyssos, suggesting he was planning a big terrorist attack some time soon, police said on Sunday.

During the search in the house, police discovered 6 or 7 Kalashnikov rifles, one of which has a laser diopter, a container with a quantity of explosives, parts of a rocket and fuses. All findings are being examined in police labs.

According to Xiros’s lawyer, Frangiskos Rangoussis, the convict knew he was being watched and was about to disappear again. Talking to reporters after visiting his client, Rangoussis also said Xiros didn’t want to be arrested at night because he didn’t want to exchange fire with policemen and that he didn’t plan to use the weapon he was carrying when captured.

He also said he doesn’t accept responsibility for any of the crimes he is being connected to while he was on the run and that he won’t cooperate with the investigator because his aim was to avoid arrest.

"All this time he lived under the stranglehold of the police, as he had already realized himself. This didn’t give him the opportunity to cooperate with anyone or any opportunity for anything," Rangoussis said, adding that the heavy weaponry found in the house was acquired by Xiros and that he takes full responsibility for it.

Διαφημιστική καταχώρηση
Διαφημιστική καταχώρηση

Rangoussis also read a statement by the former fugitive in which he claimed he will not cooperate with institutions "that serve occupation forces and a government of collaborators" adding that the "revolution" will continue despite the blow he received.

Xiros was arrested on Saturday evening in Anavyssos, a coastal town in the southern tip of Attica. When he was picked up by police he was armed but made no attempt to resist. He was riding a bicycle near the house he had been renting, the head of police said during a press conference after the arrest. To disguise his appearance, Xiros had grown a beard and dyed his hair blonde.

He was serving multiple life terms in Korydallos prison for crimes related to his membership in the terrorist group November 17, until he went missing about a year ago, when he failed to return to prison after being granted furlough.

He is currently being held and questioned at the antiterrorism unit’s offices and his lawyer said he will be sent to court in the afternoon.

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